Monday, August 17, 2015

How to Spend Real Quality Me-Time

I've been wanting to spend the little time I have for myself in more productive and meaningful ways, but I always find an excuse not to do so. On top of that list is being more physically active.

As a stay at home mom, I often question where my time goes. The everyday routine of bathing my kids, preparing their meals, feeding them, breastfeeding my baby, cooking for the family, changing nappies, grocery shopping and so on and so forth eat up my 18-hour waking time that there's hardly enough time left for myself.  Once in a while, I'd get some 15-20 minutes of so-called me-time in-between the hullabaloo but I find myself using that time not very wisely.

And not having real quality time for yourself is a very dangerous thing. Because this spirals to a myriad of excuses to use what little time we have for ourselves to use what little time we have ourselves to do mindless activities that are not necessarily beneficial to our well being - like late night binge-ing on chips while watching TV or shopping for things we don't need at Ensogo.

Not a good thing...

And so I decided to change that this week. I started by setting the goal to use the little free time I have to get back to being active. When we still didn't have kids, I'd workout in the gym for hours. Of course I can't do that anymore so I started by working out in our condo gym and swimming in the lap pool. Initially, my goal was just to regain my strength and endurance from my C-section 9 months ago.  Last week, I told my husband I'm ready to go with him for spinning classes on Saturday. He pushed me further and said that he'll start training me for boxing on Sundays. Now my muscles are all sore from working out 5-days straight last week. But was it worth it? Oh yeah! Getting back to being active made me feels so good inside and out.  And what do you know, I'm also back to blogging. 

I'm excited to where this simple step to spending real quality Me-time is going to take me. As I said in my IG post last Saturday, it's now or never. No More Excuses.

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