Monday, May 25, 2015

Easy Maya Banana Cake with my Pre-Schooler

One of the things I love about being a SAHM is being able to do fun activities with my kids any time of the day. 

For our merienda, I decided to make an easy Maya Oven Toaster Banana Cake with my 3-year old, Caleb.  He's into fast food/Play-doh Ice cream lately so he got really excited when I told him we're going to bake his favorite Banana Cake together.

The Maya Oven Toaster Banana Cake recipe only calls for a few ingredients:

1.  Maya Oven Toaster Banana Cake Mix 230 grams

2.  3 Tablespoons of Cooking Oil

3.  1/4 cup Water

4. 2 Ripe Bananas

5. 1 Medium Egg

Because I love nuts, I added half a cup of almonds slivers. Walnuts would have been better but we only had almonds in the pantry.

Caleb identified the ingredients like he was on a cooking show. He also learned about some basic baking utensils like the measuring cup, measuring spoon, wire whisk and baking pan. By the way we only used 1 egg for the cake.

Any good chef should have excellent knife skills. I showed him how to slice the first banana and look at how he sliced the second banana almost perfectly. He's now promoted from using the plastic knife to the dinner knife. This is a big step for my junior master chef! 

The recipe is very easy, a three- year old can do it without any fuss - just mix all the ingredients together. Actually, you don't need a whisk to put them all together, but of course I won't disappoint his fascination to the whisk.

Our finished product after 30 minutes. 

Yum yum!  

It's never too early to involve our kids in the kitchen. When Caleb was younger, he would just observe and help put ingredients in the utility bowls. I feel proud that he can now slice the bananas and mix without making so much mess. Easy banana cake today, chocolate souffle tomorrow. Who knows!


  1. My son loves to join me in the kitchen too, he likes to mix and mix. That is one reason why I buy instant mixes so he can mix the ingredients. :)

  2. he's soo cute!! getting kids involved in the kitchen develops their patience and teaches them healthy eating habits too. we're making banana muffins today as well but we always start from scratch. I found a simple, tried and tested recipe a few years back.

  3. way to go caleb!
    if a three year old can do it, i bet my 12 can probably do it on her own. i will ask her to prepare Maya Banana Cake for meryenda this afternoon. thanks mommy!

  4. You're little one is so cute while making it. That's great, it only needs oven toaster. I've seen this in the supermarket but I haven't really considered getting one, will try this soon.

  5. good job caleb!
    my kids love to help me bake too even licks on the batter mixture. Reminds me for a baking session this weekend :)

  6. Great job little one! My kid too loves to be in the kitchen helping out or shall I say messing out lol. At least they know what we do in the kitchen.

  7. You have a chef in the making, sis! And he also likes what he cooks! Nice!

  8. Soooo cute!!! I made my banana cake from scratch using a rice a cooker. But, nasunong ung bottom part but the middle di naman.. Next time, I will buy na lang premixes like Maya.... :)

  9. Oh my, this banana cake looks easy to do and yummy. My son and I will try to do this at home soon.