Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why You Need To Have Your Air-Conditioners Cleaned Regularly

Morning sniffles... not a pretty way to welcome a new day.

For the past week, I've been waking up with clogged nose and sore, itchy throat. My 3-year old son also started having runny nose.  He coughed occasionally but his coughing and runny nose did not lead to a full-blown cold. 

I noticed that after I turn off our air-conditioner and allow fresh air to circulate in the room, I'd feel a lot better. That being said, guess, what the culprit for our allergy was? 

It had only been a year since our air conditioners were cleaned. I know that I should have scheduled it way earlier since we have been using the unit everyday. But yeah, I've been postponing it. Guilty as charged. And now, it's taking its toll on our health.  

Fortunately, I was able to purchase discount vouchers for aircon cleaning services in Ensogo last month from the same service provider who cleaned our units before, Wiseman Aircon Cleaning Services. They did a pretty good job in cleaning our units so it's a bonus that I chanced upon the discount just in time.

Their service guys came over last Monday. Before they removed the units, they first checked if they are working properly.  

Since we live in a condo, they used our living area balcony as their cleaning station. As expected, they did everything quite systematically. One guy worked on the main unit and the other worked on cleaning the other external parts.

The base of our master's bedroom aircon was super filthy!
And we've been inhaling that dirt!

After they're done with the first unit, they proceeded with the air-conditioner in my son's room. Before taking it down, the service guy called my attention and said that the evaporator coil is starting to build up ice.  He then explained to me that this is caused by improper circulation of freon. 

To resolve this, he might need to check if there is leak in the refrigerant or plug in the filter. If there are no leaks or plugs, he might just need to add freon. 

I told him that we seldom use the unit because our son usually sleeps in our room. I later learned from him that not using your air-conditioner regularly can cause the freon to stuck up. He suggested that we try to use it at least twice a week to make sure the freon circulates properly.

Instead of giving a wrong/pre-mature diagnosis (which I might have easily fallen into), he said that he'll first observe if the problem persists after he cleans the unit. 

Look at that filthy water!

When they finished, they checked the air conditioner and the coil did not build up ice again. Whew! I'm saved from another unexpected household expense.

So why is it important to have your air conditioners cleaned regularly? 

Air conditioners are designed to have a specific quantity of air passing through its indoor coil surface. When air filters are not cleaned/replaced, it causes the air-conditioner to work inefficiently. You might end up having an overworked unit (translate: higher electric bill) and later on might affect the compressor (translate: cost for repair/ parts or unit replacement). Simply put, having it cleaned regularly will save you money.  

But the more important reason is your health. A dirty air-conditioner causes poor air circulation. Essentially, the dirt is not filtered and lingers in the air inside the room. And that is the air you breathe. If your air-conditioner has already accumulated mildew/ molds, you might be in for more serious trouble.  

You don't have to wait for summer to have your air-conditioner cleaned.  Get it done soon and don't compromise on your family's health.

Wiseman Aircon Services suggests cleaning and preventive maintenance every 3-4 months or every 2 months if you live in an area where air is "more polluted." For inquiries, call them at 562-7095. They service all areas in Metro Manila*.  Rate for window-type aircon cleaning is P500/ unit and P1,200 for split-type air-conditioners.

*(Additional charge may apply to certain areas.)


  1. Air conditioners definitely need to be cleaned regularly. It was easier for us before when we used to have a regular aircon. But we moved to a new place (which used to be an office) and the aircon here is split-type. I have no idea how to clean it. Maybe we should leave the cleaning to the professionals.

  2. Here in our area, it's polluted so we need to clean our aircon units regularly. We have it cleaned every 4 months. The water was so filthy black, grabe!

  3. Me, I make sure we have our AC's clean every 3 months because of my preemie baby"oxygen boy" I would want to try another AC like inverted ba yun..Thanks sa post mommy :)

  4. I am so ashamed to admit that our aircon has not been cleaned since we got married. Uh-oh. We do clean the filters inside though. It's a split type one so I don't get to see the main unit.

  5. aha! the culprit of my every morning suffering! :( i thought cleaning the filters are enough.. i need to have ours cleaned na.

  6. Our a/c is building up ice too but it's been cleaned up since only four months ago.

  7. Here in our area, it's polluted so we need to clean our aircon units regularly. We have it cleaned every 4 months. The water was so filthy black, grabe!furnace service and repairs