Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lippies For Mommies

I have a confession to make. I love lipsticks! 

Wait. Let me rephrase that... I am obsessed with lipsticks! 

As a makeup artist, I know that I shouldn't have too much at one time because lipsticks, as any other makeup/ cosmetic product have short shelf life (1 to 2 years). But sometimes, they're just soooo difficult to resist... 

Because I'm now a mom, I've learned to be practical. Gone are the days when I can easily splurge on a lipstick that would easily rip me off at least a thousand bucks. 

Nowadays, price is of utmost consideration. I'm learning that products that are more affordable are not always substandard in quality.  You would be surprised that there are a lot of good finds out there that won't hurt your wallet.  

Aside from price, I also consider products that best suit my lifestyle. When I'm out and about with my tot, heaven knows, I don't have the luxury of time to retouch my makeup. It's always go, go, go!  I also like to shower my little boy with lots of kisses and beauty should not be a reason to compromise. So essentially, a long-staying lippie is must!

For the past few years of being a mom, I've experimented on several drugstore brands in search of the best lippies for mommies.  Allow me to share some of my favorites:

1. L'Oreal Paris Shine Caress  - Watsons, P595

This lippie promises the texture and shine of a gloss with a long wear of a stain. I was buying some toiletries in Watsons when I chanced upon this product. 

I was really looking for a red shade but I have to admit that I was a bit doubtful at first because red lippies can be a bit tricky. It's always a make or break situation. It can either make you look like a streetwalker or a hot bombshell.   

After trying it on, guess what! This red shade proved to be a keeper! The applicator was easy to use and fills my lip creases and lip corners very easily. It has the right amount of sheen and gloss and also did not break up even after I had something to eat/ drink. My only complain about this product is that although the color lasts, it tends to leave a little smudge on my cup/ glass. Overall though, I am very happy with it.

L'Oreal Shine Caress in Juliette, 702

Wearing my latest favorite lippie, L'oreal Shine Caress in Juliette

2.  Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick -, $5.49

If you're looking for a lippie that will stay on all day, this is it!  It is true to color and gives the right amount of shimmer.  I like to wear this lipstick when we're going to a party or a dinner out because the color stays on even after you eat and drink.  

But even though it glides smoothly when applied, it tends to dry up and stick to your lips too quickly. The dryness eventually leads to cracking so I usually top it off with a clear non-sticky lip gloss to seal in moisture.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstik in Premium Pink, 010

3.  Mizon Water Glam Lip Tint -, P375

Mizon is a nifty Korean cosmetic brand. Their widely popular product is the Mizon Snail Recovery Cream. Yes, you read it right. SNAIL. Apparently, one of its key ingredients is snail slime/mucus. Eeww! But don't let the name fool you.

Women around the world are raving about this product for its regenerative properties. It even made it's way to Buzfeed's 22 Cult beauty products from Asia.  Enough said about their Snail Recovery Cream.  

There's not much reviews about Mizon's lip tint, but given the good reviews about their recovery cream,  I thought it might be worth a try. When I saw it on, I ordered it right away.  I honestly didn't know what to expect, but to my surprise, the product exceeded my expectation!

The packaging was attractive and unique. It's shaped like a lipstick, only, the stick is a plastic casing that houses the liquid tint. A gentle twist will bring out just the right amount of tint. I did not like the feel of pressing the plastic casing on my lips so I used a lip brush to apply it.  And what do you know! The texture is light and smooth, the color is vibrant, won't kiss-off and most importantly long lasting! I'm very satisfied with it, and I'm actually thinking of trying out other shades.

Mizon Water Glam Lip Stain in Hot Pink Glam, 04

4.  NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain -, $4.50

I first chanced upon this lippie in Walmart in the States. Initially, what caught my attention is the marker type applicator. I chose the Forever Fuchsia shade and I love how vibrant the color is!  It took awhile before I got the hang of using the felt tip applicator. I found that outlining the lips and then working my way inside and unto the corners of the lips is the best way to apply it. It's also important to apply it on clean, dry and oil-free lips, which is usually at the beginning of the day.    

This lip stain is absolutely smooch proof as it claims. The only drawback is that it is just a lip stain. It doesn't have a gloss or sheen so I always top it with a lip gloss/ lip balm and I'm good to go. It's also good base for another lipstick. You can layer it with another shade of lipstick or tinted lip gloss and you're good to go!  

While I'm very satisfied with the Forever Fuchsia shade, I find the Persistent Pink quite pale on my lips. I use this shade when I want the natural, no makeup look.

NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain in Forever Fuchsia, 496 and Persistent Pink, 490

As you can see, each product has its hits and misses. More often, the shade I choose to wear depends on my mood and outfit.  That's just how it is with lippies. They're pretty much like clothes, bags or shoes. You simply can't own only one.  And that's something that our husbands may never comprehend. 

While it may be good to experiment on colors every now and then, it is important to stick to a shade that best compliments your features and skin color. Personally, I like pinks and reds because they give a more youthful glow and are perfect to wear from day to night.  

How about you? What is your go-to lippie? Feel free to share your favorites and let me know what you think of the ones on my stash. Mwah!


  1. I have to admit, I'm not much of a lipstick (or makeup) person and seldom use it since I stopped singing professionally. I know I have to consider it, though, since hindi na bumabata si lola, kailangan nang mageffort magpaganda.

    My problem though is that I never really learned much about cosmetic brands. The lipstick I've been buying have my lips cracking in a matter of hours!

    Is the first one on your list one that wouldn't do that? If so, I shall go get myself one tomorrow. Any other shades available though?

    1. Hi May, the L'Oreal Shine Caress is perfect for you because it's smooth and glossy. Yes, they have several shades to choose from.

    2. Thanks for answering my question. I shall definitely jot the name down and look for it at the department store tomorrow.

  2. Thanks mommy! I learn a lot about lipstick. I'm not a make up and lipstick lover since I got allergy everytime I put cosmetics on my face. Don't know really whats the cause. But I hoard a lot of lipstick since must of my girlfriends gave me make-up. My cousin is working at MAC paris and one time she send me a professional make up kit complete with everything from brushes to make-up complimentary by MAC, I ended giving to my make-up artist friend since nag hihinayang ako ma expire sa katatago ko.

  3. Hi Cheryl, your makeup artist friend is lucky to get MAC products from you. You must be allergic to a cosmetic ingredient. If you want to wear makeup, test it first on your wrist and leave it overnight. If your skin does not get a rash, then you might want to consider that brand :)

  4. I'm so not into make up. I don't know how to put them on! I guess I need to learn so that I don't need to go to the salon? Hmm... I have lipbalms but just 1 lipstick (given as a gift pa!)

  5. These are very helpful! I hope all brands have a photo of you wearing them. Hehehe! The first one does look promising, and where to buy it is accessible for most.

  6. Thankies for this! Iisa lang so far ang lipstick na nagstay sakin without total retouch at yun ay ang Color collection ultimate lipsticks hehe sa sobrang feel ko sya nagorder kaagad ako ng extra :D

  7. I also love red lipstick but you're right, sometimes it makes me look like a bombshell, this' why I shift to color pink that when I put it in my lips, it would just enhance my lip color. I want to try the Hot Pink Glam, thanks for sharing :)

  8. These is an awesome list! I love red lipsticks too! My lips are super choosy with lipsticks and super sensitive too. The wrong kind would make my lips flake and chap! Not a pretty sight! I don't use primers on my skin but I prep my lips with moisturizers before applying colors. Sayang kasi yung lipstick if it will look ugly on my dry lips!

  9. Thank you for this list! This would come really handy for me as I'm a makeup noob. As in I don't know anything about makeup at all. The only stuff I have that would pass of as "makeup" are face powder and three lip balms including Carmex. Haha!

  10. I'm a new convert to make up and have hoarded so much in just 4 weeks. I'm obsessed as well.

  11. My confession is I only have one lippie! LOL. I know I should buy more in different shades, so this is a good place for me to start. :) Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love all the colors and you look gorgeous!

  13. I have an on-and-off love affair with lipsticks ... i love reds, and pinks and orangey tints. my latest craziness though are majolica lippies :) -

  14. Oh gosh, you look so good with red lipstick! I don't wear lipsticks because I don't think I look good with it.I only wear lip balms.. ang sad no? :(

  15. I rarely wear make-up and whenever we attend events, I only put on pressed powder and red lipstick. L'Oreal Paris Shine Caress is something that I will buy. Great packaging too.