Saturday, June 14, 2014

I am My Daddy's Girl

Daddy used to say that having me changed his life. 

He was still in his mid-20's when I was born so it was no surprise that he still had a major hangover from his bachelor days.  Mom said he was not much help when I was a baby. She can't remember him changing my diaper or getting up to feed me during the late nights. 

In our recent stay in their house, I asked him to watch over my 2-year old son while I went out for a run. When I came back, Caleb had just woken up and dad was fazed why our son refused to drink the milk he prepared for him. When I asked him how much milk he added to the cup of water, he said.. only one scoop. Oh, that explains it!  I could not blame him though. It has been decades since he last prepared formula milk. Maybe he just forgot.

Daddy is who he is. He never pretended he knows how to do everything, but he always tried his best.

I remember one time mommy was in Hongkong for a business trip at the same time our household helper had her day-off, dad managed to prepare dinner for the four of us. It was canned sardines in tomato sauce with ampalaya. Since it was only me who ate ampalaya, my siblings had to settle for plain rice. Poor dad... there was was no Jollibee yet to have rescued him. The following day, he had our grandmother cook for us.  We would always have a good laugh reminiscing that unforgettable day.   

Kids may be naturally attached to their moms. But I was my daddy's girl.  Mommy used to be shy and often refused to join my dad in his office socials. I "chaperoned" my dad during those times. Dad usually tagged me along in company parties and outings. I was a little girl version of him and I was a darling among his friends. Somehow, his charm and bubbly personality rubbed off on me. When I wanted something and my mom said no, I often succeeded in twisting my daddy's arm. But although daddy had a soft spot for me, he was also firm when I needed to be disciplined.

People like being around my dad. Not only was he congenial and amiable, he also had the ability to see through the hearts of people and minister to their needs. We grew up having different kinds of people in our home. He always welcomed them no matter what their social status was. He personally served his construction workers with coffee and bread during their merienda breaks. These people loved him like their own brother or father. People always joked him that he could pass for a politician, a possibility then that always scared my mom.

Dad first took me to Sunday School and introduced me to having a personal relationship with God. He was very diligent in gathering us every Sunday night to pray and have our family devotion. In the car, he would play worship songs and bible messages. It was not something that we were not so fond of, but eventually, we got used to it and learned to listen as intently as he did. Later on, those messages resonate in me like they were daddy's own preaching.

But what I am most proud of about my dad is that he is doing what God has called him to do. His achievements may not exactly be in conformity to the world's ideal of a successful man. He is done making those temporary investments. He is making good use of his productive years investing for eternity. 

I know that my daddy is not perfect, but for me, he is a reflection of God's unconditional love. He is patient, slow to anger and always showing me kindness and grace even when I do him wrong.  In his limited ability, he gave me what he thought best.  Daddy may think that having me changed his life. But his real legacy is teaching me how to live it.  

Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you very much!


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