Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Power of A Mother

My 2-year old son came up to me pointing to his toe, crying, "owie, owie." I sat him on my lap and tried to comfort him, "What's wrong, sweetheart?" Again pointing to his toe, he demanded me to kiss his owie and make it disappear. "Abra Cadabra, go away big owie!" I playfully chanted. He looked at his toe and said, "owie still there, mommy. Kiss owie more."  I gave in to my puppy biscuit, but to no avail. Finally, I retreated and said, "maybe tomorrow it will get better." He got off from my lap and went back to play with his toys. With just a kiss, mommy took his boo boo away. 

Thoughts of my mom embracing me to sleep after I told her every detail of how this guy broke my heart. I've spent sleepless nights the week before, but that particular night, I slept soundly like a little girl beside her. She did not change what happened, but for me, her presence was all I needed.

How could her listening ears be enough to comfort me? How did I learn to take boo boos away? Did she have some kind of special super power? Did she pass it on to me when I became a mom?

What is it with my mom? What makes me still long for her even now that I'm a mother myself? 

I am just a rookie mom, but the past 2 and a half years has taught me more valuable lessons than all my youthful years combined. Selflessness is one. When you are a mother, your child's need is always a priority. You bear the pain of labor. You get up at 3 am to nurse. You give up stilettos over flats so you can chase your toddler around. You force a smile over that paint-stained new blouse. You rethink about that new luxury bag for a year's supply of diapers. It does not matter how big or small. The inevitable truth is, mothers do not just make sacrifices everyday, they also give a little bit of themselves to make sure we are full.

Mom taught me how to become a better person. She was the first to teach me about what is good and what is bad. I may have not seen it exactly like that then, but now, I truly appreciate everything that I have learned from her. She taught me how to get up when I fall. She praised me for every achievement. She believed that I can. She taught me to pray and have faith in God. And that with Him, nothing is impossible. I wish that I can be half the woman she is. That might be unlikely, but because of her, I am trying to be the best mother and wife I can be.

Perhaps my mom has indeed passed on to me some kind of super power. I can go on and on to tell you what she has done and what she is still doing for me and all of us her grown kids. I know that and I feel that even if we are thousands of miles apart. That power is what makes me long for her. Even if I do not get to see or talk to her everyday, the love she has shown me lingers and stays with me. My mother's love is truly amazing. It is a reflection of God's love for me. It will always draw me to her. It will always move me to pass it on.

My beautiful mom and grandmother to my son Caleb and his cousins Hannah and Kendall

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