Sunday, April 7, 2013

What's The Deal With Online Deals

Who likes to pay full price? I don’t.  Like many others, I am lured by the words PROMO, DISCOUNT AND SALE.  They say that to stop unnecessary spending, you should avoid going to the malls. Nowadays, this does not necessarily hold true. Shopping used to be just confined in retail shops or malls, but with the Internet generation, the web has become a limitless retail paradise. Retail therapy is just a click away. In fact, online shopping has become immensely popular that it paved the way for group buying or online deals sites.  
Online deals sites offer almost anything you can think of - from food and dining, travel and various types of services and products. The reason why deal sites have become so successful is that they offer savings/ discounts to as high as 90% off the regular price. After all, who doesn't like to get a good deal?  The catch to it though is that the products and services are limited and are only available for a short period. Customers who are enticed by the bargain are compelled to make the purchase right away. You can find some really good deals on these sites. Most of them are so hard to resist that it can make you buy without much thought.  On the business side, sellers or merchants use these sites as a venue for getting new customers, getting rid of high or slow-moving inventory or just for marketing or promotional purposes.
Impulsively buying from these online deal sites can pose danger to your budget.  It would be good for you to know that just like mall retailers, their objective is to make you buy, buy and buy! Yes, it can be addicting too! I know some people who buy vacation deals just because the price seems too hard to resist, only to end up reselling their vouchers at a much lower price. One piece of advice, unless you really intend to use up the deal you want to buy, forget about it, even if it screams 95% off.   

The upside is, buying from deals sites can save you a lot of money, especially if the products or services being offered are things you normally purchase ,like a salon treatment, a vacation or a household product. Let's say you are planning to go to a salon for a haircut and hair color treatment and then you see this deal being offered, if you find the establishment and validity period agreeable, then by all means, make that purchase!  When buying from these sites, it is always important to read the details of the deals. If you are considering of purchasing from an establishment you have not tried before, do your research first. Read reviews/ blogs about the place, call up the establishment and ask questions before hitting the BUY button.  Most importantly, ask yourself what value will this purchase give you? in everything you buy, there are many other important things you need to consider. Price is just one of them. And if you are a wise spender, buying from these online deal sites can work well for you. I have personally purchased some really good deals that gave us huge savings. Let me share them with you.
1.  Pico De Loro vacation from Deal Grocer– Paid P6,500 instead of 9,000 per night. My husband has been raving about this place when his company held a couple or conferences in this exclusive resort.  We stayed 2 nights so we saved a total of P5,000 for our beach vacation last year. When this deal was offered, we didn’t hesitate buying it because it is the only time they allowed non-resort members.  The stay was very memorable for us because not only was the place amazing, it was also our first time to take our baby on a beach trip.
2.  IPL sessions at R. Locsin clinic from Groupon– For 300/ session, this deal was a real steal considering the very professional staff and hands-on dermatologist who will personally oversee your treatment. 
3.  Album from Photobook Philippines from Groupon-  We wanted to give a personal and unique gift to my brother who go married in the States. Since I had just given birth that time, we were not able to make it to their special day.  Through this deal, I was able to personally design their wedding album and gave something which they truly appreciated.
4. Hofa Ottoman Storage from Ensogo – We’ve been looking everywhere for a functional ottoman that would match our living room couch and we found it in the most unusual place. Plus, we only paid 1,999 when all the ottoman seats we have canvassed are priced double this amount.

Go ahead and find out what's hot on these deals sites! For all you know, that much needed dream vacation might just be a click away!

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