Friday, April 1, 2011

My Fitness Motivation

I’ve always been conscious about my weight. Not that I am trying to maintain a supermodel figure, but it was mainly because I have already struggled with my body image as the chubby girl.  It is only when I learned to embrace the value of fitness that I was able to reach and manage my weight.  I've tried all sorts of diet from fruit diet, juice cleansing, nothing after 6 pm and going low-carb.  I managed to lose some pounds but all these diets only left me feeling deprived. As a result, I end up gaining back all the pounds I lost. It was a frustrating, pathetic vicious cycle. It was only when I learned to focus on getting fit rather than losing weight that I was able to overcome this incessant problem. I realized diets only give you temporary results. I learned that successful weight management entails a lot more that just dieting. A total lifestyle change is necessary to achieve real and lasting results.  I revamped my eating habits and combined it with regular exercise. It took a great deal of discipline and sacrifice at first. But when I was able to reach my desired weight, I gave myself opportunities to indulge a little. Yes, there were times when I did indulge a little bit more. By applying the principle "garbage in, garbage out," I managed to get back on track. 

At work, I usually packed my own lunch, consisting mainly of salad and homemade dressing, a hefty sandwich or brown rice and fish or chicken. There were days when I would crave for pasta or fried chicken, so I would put aside healthy eating for a while, but made sure I compensate with working out the following day. Working up a sweat pretty soon became second nature to me. When I got bored of doing dance aerobics or running the treadmill, I tried out popular sports like badminton, boxing, running and even surfing. Having developed an active lifestyle helped me not only to stay fit, but also improved my well being.

When I got married, my husband, who also love sports got me a much better gym membership. We would attend spinning classes and boxing workouts together and occasionally treat ourselves to a good massage afterwards. When I got pregnant, I continued going to the gym, but lied low on the strenuous exercises I was normally doing. I did Gentle Flow Yoga, Body Balance (a combination of yoga, Tai chi and Pilates) and Body Vive (a low impact total body workout that that made use of ball and tubes) During my first trimester, I was often nauseous, dizzy and exhausted. Getting my heart pumped-up helped relieve those discomforts so I pushed myself to workout even though I’d rather doze off a few more hours.  Since I am attending regular classes, I make it a point to inform the instructor I’m pregnant. Even though I was the only pregnant woman in the gym, they were always willing to show me easy options. 

It didn’t bother me if I was doing different exercises from the rest of the class. Some of my classmates would even come up to me and say they are happy to see a pregnant women religiously exercising. At the beginning of my 2nd trimester, morning sickness was gone and I felt as energetic like before I got pregnant.  The only thing I had to deal with is my growing belly and the fact that I could not fit anymore to my regular workout clothes.  Despite the discomforts, I continued to push myself because my motivation was to be healthy and fit. I know that after I give birth, I will have lesser time to spend to exercise. It might take a while before I go back to my desired weight, but I will hold on to what kept me going all throughout these years.