Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Answered Prayer

One of the things I find most ironic is the fact that while there seems to be a growing number of unwanted or teenage pregnancies, there are a lot of happily married women who find it difficult to bear a child. I knew I developed this sudden fear when I only had married at age 32. Even though no one in my family had this problem, I have friends who have exhausted all possible options to conceive.
Around 8 months after we got married, I went to the OB-GYN to have myself checked and was relieved to find out that my ovaries are perfectly healthy. I then asked her if I should already start “preparing” to become more fertile, though I honestly don’t know what that meant. I expected her to give me tried and tested "tips," but was surprised to hear her tell me to just  patiently wait, as having a child is a gift from God. I walked out of the clinic feeling relieved, because at that point, I entrusted my desire to bear a child to the Lord.

Why did I ever think that I would be the one responsible for “making” this baby? Why did I even think it was my job? Do I even know how to find the perfect, fast-swimming sperm out of the millions in the semen that can traverse the 12-48 hour journey to my fallopian tube and finally meet my egg cell? Do I even know how exactly the intricate genetic process takes place inside my reproductive system? How about those 9 months when the baby develops into a complete human being that only begins from a yolk sac?  This is definitely something I can not control. That is why I need to submit to God's sovereignty and let Him do His work.  I surrendered my desire to giver of life Himself and found comfort in the truth that it He is the only one who will make this possible. And so, I did what is within my control – Pray.  My husband and I decided to put having a baby on top of our prayer list.  We shared our desire to every person we know so they can also pray for us.  Even though we made other plans, our hearts were set in favor  of having a child. 
On Christmas, we came home from our family reunion tired from lack of sleep and too much eating.  After I got out of the shower, I felt unusually tired, hot and nauseous. I was due to have my regular 28-day period. Thinking I was just a "little delayed," I waited a few more days before finally deciding to get a home pregnancy kit.  

On the 4th day, woke up quite early to use the kit.  I was a few minutes away from an answered prayer. When I saw two purple lines on the stick, I felt a little shortness of breath. I am going to be a mom!  I was in awe of how God heard our prayers. I snuggled back to bed and whispered to Randy that he is going to be a dad. Perhaps thinking he was just dreaming, he did not react to what I just said. I went back to bed and embraced him and cherished in my heart the fact that our lives will never be the same again.
2 Lines means POSITIVE!

First ultrasound equivalent to 5 weeks and 6 days